About us

About Uniform Delights

We are a dedicated, approachable and friendly team and pride ourselves on delivering a delightful service.

With decades of industry experience we understand your needs, whether its a new or repeat order that you want us to replenish, or a huge corporate roll-out. Our customers have always been delighted in our ability to meet their expectations.

Our forward thinking enables us to help you develop, enhance and compliment your brand or service with solutions that surpass your expectations.

We share your enthusiasm about creating a profile that builds the awareness of your brand, your company, your staff, and your image. We are also flexible and work to your needs.

Having gained a real appreciation of customer needs from many different companies and business areas, we are more than capable of finding solutions to meet your everyday challenges. We deliver consistent high levels of service to ensure you are able to run your businesses smoothly and efficiently.

We are a highly efficient operation capable of supplying mass production in the tens of thousands, in a very short period of time.

Our experience will serve you well; we understand the everyday challenges and take this into account when considering your practical considerations. From personal preferences to company-wide decisions; whatever the shape, size or professional circumstance, we’ll deliver it to you when it matters the most.

Please free to contact us directly if you require any further information as we are delighted to help.

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